I’m a photographer specializing in truthful images to inspire feelings.

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Rui Santos Costa





Non-contextual backgrounds used on portraits allows us to focus on the person’s eyes, face, cheeks, body style, clothes and objects they hold. It allows us the viewer to establish our own feelings of what is being portrayed. I have ventured into capturing a series of portraits that allow the viewer to build their own feelings. These images include friends, family and people with no connection to my life. This will allow me to build a series of images that it some way or other will allow the viewer to connect with and see what I see when meeting and photographing these in my words “extraordinary” people. No matter who you are, where you have been, we all have something to add to life and society.

This portrait of this women allows us the viewer to build our own feelings, for me this woman means the world to me. Not only has she taught me to be a whom I am today, she will love me no matter what difficulties I encounter to her death. She has been there day one and she will be there on my last. Her smile extends beyond the frame and engages the viewer as it has engaged me. A portrait is a powerful image, it can bring a smile or a tear and it always go beneath our surface.